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What does Agamemnon offer Achilleus? Achilleus sees Nestor leading a wounded man from the field. Diomedes and Odysseus are most interested in a fresh unit that has arrived from Thrace. help me write my thesis statement beginners youtube The Achaians refused to return Chryseis to her father, who is a priest of Apollo.

The goddess appears beside Hector in the form of Deiphobus , telling him that the two of them together can face Achilles. How does Hera convince him to help her with her plan? Hector can't face near-certain death, and runs.

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Diomedes is allowed to confront Aphrodite, because she has no place on the battlefield. How do the Trojans find out about the Achaian attack? Why does Hektor return to the city?

The Trojans decide to leave their horses and attack the wall on foot. What does Patroklos request that Achilleus do with his bones? What does Hera instruct Achilleus to do for the Achaians in the meantime? They make a pact not to harm one another in battle. The duel ends when Menelaos has clearly established the upper hand, but before he can finish Paris off, Aphrodite spirits the Trojan away.

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Who is sent to bring the message to Achilleus? The catalog of armies is given to impress the listener with the size of the forces, and also to give some background information on the leaders. Who tries to dissuade him?

Agamemnon suggests that the Achaians escape in their ships and sail home. What is burned on the pyre with Patroklos? He is also a coward who refuses to do his share of the fighting. civil service essay reviewer pdf with answer What do both sides request after counsel that evening?

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Which two goddesses attempt to ride into the battle to help the Achaians? They make a pact not to harm one another in battle. He sends Apollo to strengthen Hektor, and allows the Trojans to push the Achaians back to their ships.

The Trojans are afraid when they see the Myrmidons and what appears to be Achilleus, and they begin to retreat. Also, after he disappears we are told that no one among the Trojans would hide him. What does Agamemnon offer Achilleus? Why does Zeus reverse his previous warning and invite the gods to intervene? Hector is the more human and relatable character, feeling motivated to try to make amends despite near certainty he will fail to make up for the harm he has done to his people.

Like Achilleus, Diomedes is favored by the gods, strong in battle and a leader. The sign Odysseus uses to convince the armies is that of a snake devouring eight baby sparrows and their mother, and then being turned to stone. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. What aid does Aphrodite lend her? Poseidon refuses to get involved, knowing that his brother Zeus is more powerful.

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